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Casimiro Filipe
3 min readJun 25, 2021


My name is Casimiro Filipe, I am 30 years now, i was born, grew up, and live in Angola. Angola is a country in central South Africa, which is home to the largest entrepreneurial market in central South Africa.

In the last three years, I decided to start working to make money through the internet and I have been successful. Because of this, I started to create some ways to give formations of everything I have been learning from digital services. Now my focus is to help the Angolan People to know and understand that through the internet it is possible to make money. Because in the last three years working as a dedicated freelancer, I have learned a lot and started several startups inside and outside my country.

What Do I Do as a Freelancer?

I am not 100% freelance, because I still work in a sustainable energy production company as Treasurer for the financial sector. So my life is divided into 50% for freelance work and 50% dedicating myself to the company I work for.

As a Freelancer, I work in various fields like, “Startup Entrepreneur, Investor, Content Writer, YouTube Business Influencer and Podcaster.”

My works are featured throughout my Portuguese-speaking region and I have received the title of best and largest freelance influencer in the country and the Central South African region because of my commitment to financial education, entrepreneurship, social media, content marketing, producing and trading digital products and building small businesses through the internet.

I can be found on social media as below.

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How Did I Get Here?

This question I also ask myself every time I take a look at my investment portfolio, knowing how I managed to do this without taking any courses.

I am not a certified freelancer but I have achieved what they say: I managed to find the formula. If it were a mathematical calculation I would say that I managed to solve the exercise and I am…



Casimiro Filipe

Author of “School for Medium Creators"